Rock the Pumpkin!

Rock the Pumpkin is always a super fun time for our church family to reach our community!

What is Rock the Pumpkin?

Rock the Pumpkin has been a staple event of our church for over 20 years. It's taken on many forms over the years but one thing remains the same - We love our community and you can never have too much candy! This year we are continuing our Trunk or Treat style Rock the Pumpkin but adding some of the elements we love so much from former Rock the Pumpkins like bounce houses, a petting zoo, and name a few. Rock the Pumpkin always offers a couple hours of fun, candy, and an opportunity to dress up and have a good time, all while sharing the love of Jesus to our community. You wont want to miss it, and you definitely want to go ALL IN!


It's that time of year again and we want you to be a part of the fun! How can you help? I'm glad you asked! The best way to Rock the Pumpkin SAF style is to decorate your trunk, dress up, and hand out tons of candy! If you're part of a life group, get ready because there is always a little bit of friendly competition over who has the best theme or most decorated trunks! Overall, this is a great way to have fun with your friends and family as you hand out candy to the kids in our church and community and show them all the love of Jesus!

Guidelines and FAQ

  1. What are the different ways I can be a part? There are really 3 main ways to help. 1.) I'm ALL IN: Sign up for a parking spot to decorate your car and serve candy in costume! 2. Moderate Commitment: Dress up and serve candy! 3. Low Commitment: Donate candy or money for candy by giving on a Sunday morning, or through the SAF app or website. Simply designate your gift "trunk or treat". If you're dropping candy off, you can do so Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm or on Sunday mornings.
  2. What do I need to bring, if I am ALL IN? You'll need to arrive no later that 3:30 (we recommend showing up before 3pm) to ensure you have 15min to set up your car in a parking space given to you by the SAF staff. You are more than welcome to come up an hour early. Bring enough candy to pass out for 2 hours (We have had 3,000 people come through in 2hours). Lastly, can't forget your awesome costume!
  3. What are the guidelines for costumes? This is a given. We are a church and our aim is to have fun sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ by handing out candy in a safe environment, NOT give kids nightmares or cause them to stumble. SO stay away from scary and scandalous.
  4. Can anyone come? Absolutely! Invite your neighbors, co-workers, classmates, family and friends! This is a great way to invite them to church!


  1. Sign Up (below)
  2. Enough Candy to Last You 2 Hours! (we recommend at least 4 family bags of candy).
  3. Your Car - Doesn't hurt to dazzle it up a bit!
  4. Your Costume.
  5. Invite Your Family and Friends!

Sign Up!