Lord Help Our Unbelief

How is unbelief affecting the body of Christ?

"Lord help our Unbelief" BY PASTOR BRANDON WHITFORD

Main Scripture Passage: Luke 4:16-30

Is there unbelief in my heart? Questions for reflection:

  1. What do I fear?
  2. What am I anxious about?
  3. What hurts am I holding onto?
  4. As you write these things down, ask God to help you by asking Him: What unbelief in You is behind each of these things?

  • What preconceived or preconditioned ideas are creating a heart of unbelief in our hearts?
  • How do we expect to be used by God if we have unchecked unbelief in our hearts?

"What we believe about who God is and who He calls us, determines the level at which God can use us."