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How to Change The World Class

Hey guys! Join us for an exciting 6 week study about biblical hospitality as a way of life! Sign up!

Hey church family! This is Brandon and Erin Whitford, your worship pastors here at SAF. We are so excited to be teaching this class about biblical hospitality as a way of life. Did you know that whether your in a house, an apartment, a duplex, or a dorm room, you've been given one of the greatest tools in sharing the gospel? I know, sound crazy right? You mean, I'm supposed to invite people into my home? Into my fortress of solitude? Yes. Hey we get it, we know it sounds insanely counter-cultural and that's because IT IS! Sadly, the current culture of "Home" isn't what Christ or the early church modeled for us. The truth is our homes are not our own, but rather a weapon given to us to push back darkness and hold up light for the hurting. We have come to believe that as Christ followers we should become warm and welcoming because we've been relentlessly welcomed in Christ.

Does this sound scary to you? If so, IT'S OKAY! Even more reason to join the class! Over the next 6 weeks, together, we are going to learn about God's heart for our homes through practical, easy steps ultimately turning our homes into weapons for the gospel through biblical hospitality. This is the simplest way to change the world! Sign up today!

Note to all the men reading this (Brandon speaking) - this is a class for you and your wife, not just your wife. When we say "hospitality" in no way are we referring to a subscription to Magnolia or Martha Stewart T.V. programming (before her insider-trading days, of course). We aren't referring to table placements or scented candles either (although they are nice aren't they?). Notice the use of the word "weapon" in the above paragraph - that was purposeful. We will see you there.

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